which stands for Maximized Productivity

  • No contract
  • Free support & upgrades
  • 24/7 remote access
  • Secure hosted solution
  • Automated backups
  • PC, Mac and iPad friendly

Creates a seamless workplace

We developed MaxPro as a subscription-based solution which addresses the key business needs; customer info, order entry and billing. Since it’s origin though, it’s evolved into a multi-industry platform, that allows businesses to connect many departments together for a seamless workplace. The result is reduced redundancy which translates into reduced errors and omissions.


A great deal of time has been invested in MaxPro’s design and ease-of-use. MaxPro’s interface is designed to be friendly, not gray and drab. Users will find it easy to navigate and virtually plug-and-play for new users. Bringing on a new employee doesn’t need to be a daunting task anymore. MaxPro’s intuitive design and clean interface makes complex work, simple.


It’s not just MaxPro’s intuitive design that makes it great, it’s priced to be affordable. Pricing is based on the concurrent user, so you only pay for what you need. All of this and it still costs less than a single employee, yet helps everyone.

Safe and secure

Installation and implementation is quick and painless. But most importantly, your data is safe, secure and backed-up, and all at your fingertips with support you can always count on.

Customer Reviews



“Our company has been using MaxPro software since September 2011. Since incorporating Max we have experienced increased sales and more efficiency in our composing process. The system has been greatly embraced by our sales reps and our production department has had a load of responsibility removed from them. I highly recommend any publisher to explore the possibilities that MaxPro has to offer!”

Greg Ledford
Community First Media – Shelby, NC




MaxPro was a lifesaver for me this week.

One of my designers is out for a while so I got into the production mode and did several ads myself. It’s the first time I have really worked with that part myself. It is awesome! It went smoother and faster than we have ever been able to do. Even with a key person out.

Kathy Crumpton
Piedmont Shopper – Danville, VA