MaxPro features

Prospecting & Campaign Management

Follow your prospecting with individualized campaigns. Use the notes and reminders option to record all of your interactions and follow-up dates. Once a sale is made, this prospect automatically converts to a client as all of their info follows along.

Client Management

Store all of your clients and their contacts. While working with the client, you can create notes and reminders for yourself or others. This information only needs to be entered once as it auto-populates through all of the client’s work. Each client will have their own tabs with their work, making it easy to locate previous or current work.

Proposals & Contracts

Build your proposals directly in MaxPro and send them out. Once approved, the information is already entered and will move on to the next stage of the process.


Choose from open date entry, or set up recurring dates. Create ready-made dropdowns for any discounts & premium options that you want your salespeople to have access to. Price is automatically calculated based on all of the selections made.


One button invoicing whether done on a single scheduled item or multiple selections on a contract. All are generated quickly and stored in each client’s individual register. Get alerts to potential billing issues quickly with a built-in credit scoring system.


Assign rates to each salesperson by product and then you have the option of paying commission by the sale or when payments are received. Even split payments applied to multiple invoices with more than one salesperson can be automatically calculated.

Time Tracking

When work is started, use MaxPro’s built-in timer to record the amount of time spent per job. This time can then be invoiced in a group with other billable time.

Time Clock

As each person logs into MaxPro, their timecard records this entry as the start of their work day. At the end of the day, they can clock out and close out their day. All of this information can then be pulled by pay period for reporting payroll.

Management Dashboard

View changes year-over-year with easy to ready graphs and listed totals. Filter the data how you want to see it to create custom reports.

Individualized Home Pages

The first page everyone lands on after logging in is their own home page. These tabs show only information relevant to the user, thereby eliminating the need to search for it elsewhere.