It was 2008 …

While I may look confused, I was really just scratching my eyebrow while reviewing notes for the next project.

Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. was created to help small businesses compete with the big guys through the use of business management software.

Big business has always had huge budgets to invest in innovative software which makes them tough to compete with. Our mission was to give that same advantage to small business at a fraction of the cost.

My name is Chris Sedlak and I got my start in the publishing industry back in 1998, working as a Production Manager for a community paper. After a few years, I had set my sites on the General Manager position. So I approached the owner and spoke to him about my goal. He told me that a GM is accountable for improving sales and I needed to find a way to increase sales in order to earn that title.

So I took this new direction and sat down with the Sales Manager. I watched what he did and asked what slowed him down the most. It didn’t take me long to realize that inefficiencies were taking a lot of time away from making sales. So I created a simple database to pull his information together and eliminate wasted time. His calls immediately doubled and as you can imagine, and his sales went up.

Here I am pictured with the real brains of the operation. April is my office manager, marketing director and my wife. Nothing leaves my desk without her approval.

I took this new success back to the owner, who then asked me to do the same for the rest of the Sales department. Once that was completed, he then asked me to see what I could do with the Billing department, then Production, and well, you see where this is heading.

It took me a while, but I realized a few years later that the GM position had been filled – by the program I had created.

It was about that time that I decided that I could help other companies improve sales using the same techniques. That’s when Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. was formed. We created a unique system, remote salespeople could log in from anywhere and easily communicate with the rest of the office. And, we added plenty of “smart” features that take the work out of things like managing sales territories and creating a credit scoring system for clients that automatically warns of potential problems.

MaxPro was born

MaxPro was introduced in July of 2009 as a subscription-based program which was much more affordable even yet for businesses. It’s loaded with features and tools that help all facets of your company. It’s like having an assistant for each one of your staff members that can be remotely accessed from anywhere. It’s centered around MAXimizing PROductivity, by tying each department together eliminating repetition and reducing errors. But it’s the centralizing of your company’s data that is most critical.

I encourage all of my clients to give me feedback and to bring up new ideas that could help improve their sales or reduce workload around the office. Many of the systems built into MaxPro are a result of these open lines of communication.

Our guarantee

We understand that your data is mission critical to your business, and we understand that we are a small business. And as such, we make customer service a personal priority. We don’t have a fancy ticketing system, or a call center standing by 24/7. You get our cell phone, email, text and a promise that we’re here when you need us.

We pride ourselves in establishing long-term business relationships with owners. Our personal attention to each company is part of the reason we’ve had many of our clients since 2008. We’re here for you and are always happy to help … that’s our guarantee.