Custom Business Solutions

built on the robust Claris FileMaker® platform

Each business we work with is unique. From what they do, to how they do it, we’ve seen a wide array of differences. Those differences can make or break the success of a new program put into place. The easiest way to explain this is naming conventions. When you open your new program, you want to see things that feel comfortable and readable. If you used to call them “contracts”, but now you have to call them “jobs”, or “clients” versus “companies”, this can really impact how quickly you adapt. And this is one area where we listen to you from day one in how you work.




How the process works

1. Initial estimate

After talking through your company’s needs, we will put together an estimate detailing the work and include several things that you might not have considered originally.

2. Navigational mock-up

Our first step is creating a mock-up that you can click through giving you a real clear picture of how the final solution will look and feel.

3. Development

The development will be broken apart in sections. As sections are completed, we’ll demo the new functionality and make sure it’s going to do what you need it to do.

4. Finalize and hand over for review

By this stage, you’ve seen the whole system. But now is your chance to really dig in and give it a work out. 

5. Tweaks and bugs

In this final stage, we make any adjustments you request and fix any bugs that may have come up.