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Who are we?

We are Little Fish Big Ocean, and we’ve helped many companies, like yours, get organized and grow. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a good grasp on your company’s information, you’re most likely missing valuable business opportunities.

What we can offer

Decor and display

Illustrative solutions

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“Our company has been using MaxPro software since September 2011. Since incorporating Max we have experienced increased sales and more efficiency in our composing process. The system has been greatly embraced by our sales reps and our production department has had a load of responsibility removed from them. I highly recommend any publisher to explore the possibilities that MaxPro has to offer!”


Greg Ledford
Community First Media – Shelby, NC

Services tailored to your needs

We would love to answer your questions, schedule an online live demo or just hear how your business is going. There are no salespeople here and we pride ourselves on learning our customer’s needs inside and out. It’s through this constant contact with folks like you that we keep our software on the cutting edge to meet your current needs.

We deliver innovative results, time and time again!

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