Consider this

It’s 8am, Monday morning … you walk in the door, coffee in hand, ready to start your day. Your Sales Manager is sick today. There’s a note on your desk from your Production Manager. The paperwork for a job was misplaced and the client’s now calling to ask why it’s late. And to top off your morning, the person that does your billing emailed you that $3,000 was never invoiced last month because they didn’t get the info from Sales.

While you’re probably cringing right now and vowing that it will never happen to you, it can and unfortunately does. The good news is that it can be prevented with a good organizational system in place. This where MaxPro comes in.

MaxPro is a solution developed by Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. of Florida. Developed specifically for small businesses, MaxPro is perfect for bringing departments together. As soon as a company grows and departments are created, the lack of communication grows and begins to hinder smooth operations. From order entry to billing and everything in-between, MaxPro allows each department to enter their information on a single, shared platform. With this “enter it once” philosophy, double-entry is a thing of the past. Errors from lost paperwork or mis-communication are virtually gone, including lost revenue for neglecting to place or invoice a job.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well, we’ve been using Excel all these years and we’re doing just fine.” Yes, that may be true, but have you ever wondered if you may be missing out on more business? Do you have access to all of your clients information or do your sales people have them in their home computers or personal phones? What if something happens to your sales people? There are so many potential problems that can come your way. Do you really own your data or can it walk out the door at any moment?

Return on investment

So often, we hear, “I need to hire an office assistant to help get organized.” If you hired an assistant for one person for let’s say $10/hr, it would run you roughly $20k plus taxes, benefits, etc. etc. So, for one assistant you’re looking at about $25k/year.

WHAT IF you could hire an assistant that worked 24/7, was available anywhere the internet is available, helped every person in your office and made filling-in for someone easy? And this assistant would cost you LESS THAN 1/4 of a regular employee?

The REAL return on investment with MaxPro is

  • reduced loss due to errors
  • reduced labor effort because you eliminate almost all double-entry
  • we host and keep the files backed up
  • there’s no maintenance fee
  • there’s no fee for upgrades when new versions come out
  • you own your data as employee turnover is inevitable
  • on-boarding a new salesperson is as easy as picking up where the last left off
  • you are able to operate with reduced staff if necessary
  • employee’s can work remotely while still maintaining that real-time data exchange from the office
  • your employee’s are going to have so much new free time to do more selling!