When you can’t get to the office

we can help everyone stay on the same page

How we can help

Working from home or at the beach, Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. connects you with your company’s data. We specialize in data management. Exciting as that sounds, it is really important in today’s fast moving world, and we love it.

Do you have a bottleneck in your business workflow? Something that seems simple actually takes hours or days to complete? We can build, or in some cases already have, a solution that can eliminate the bottlenecks, saving you time, money and a lot of headache. So, whether you’re looking to grow, or you just can’t get the help you need, we can help get your company organized by automating tasks and streamline operations. From CRM to order entry and billing systems, we’ve built quite a few unique systems that have propelled companies like yours forward.

Our primary focus is helping small- to medium-sized businesses connect their employees to one centralized data source. This source can be cloud-based, hosted in your office or local to a single device.

We are Little Fish Big Ocean, and we’ve helped many companies, like yours, get organized and grow. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a good grasp on your company’s information, you’re most likely missing valuable business opportunities.


Our flagship platform is called MaxPro. We’ve made it easy-to-learn, simple to use and full of features relevant to your industry. Accessible anywhere you have internet, MaxPro will quickly become an integral part of your business.

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Custom Development

Looking for something very specific? Since 2008, we’ve been developing solutions for all sorts of needs. Working with everything from a bowling alley to a law firm, we’ve seen quite a few different environments where our solutions can come into play.

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